About Me

My story begins back in 2013- I was attending Santa Monica Community College after taking a bit of time off following my high school graduation in 2011- just trying to figure out what my next move was. I went to SMC primarily because that’s “what you are supposed to do", and all of my friends were scatted across the country, attending amazing four year colleges. I loved the classes I was taking at SMC, from Art History, and Psychology to Photography, and South-Eastern Asian History. Despite that, I was struggling with passing every class due to my learning disabilities, namely dyslexia, which I had only been diagnosed with at 17. When I wasn't at school, I was on my mat. My practice was, and still is, everything to me. On one fateful afternoon my mom, Louise, encouraged me to take the leap- and I signed up for my first 200hr Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga. From then on,  I never looked back. I owe my mom for not only my life, but for believing in me, guiding me to my career, and my purpose. 

In 2015, my beloved mother was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal lung cancer. It was during one afternoon spent with her when, once again, my mom helped me realize what my life’s purpose was (and continues) to be- that I am here to be  a healer. That afternoon, my mom was having an extremely hard time getting comfortable in bed, so I came to her side. In her hospital bed, I put her in a very supported variation of legs-up-the-wall pose, supporting all areas of her body. There was a brief and subtle moment that I observed in which my mom let go- her body relaxed, the panic was wiped away from her face, she took a deep breath  and she was finally able to find deep sleep and true rest. It brought me to tears. This type of moving and healing experience is exactly what I want to  and attempt to recreate for all of my students. 

 Over the years, since my first certification in Hot Power Fusion, my resume has only grown exponentially. I am a 200ERYT, certified in Power, Sculpt, Restorative, Yin yoga, mindfulness relaxation, spin, myofascial release, as well as finishing up my NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), and soon a Running coach certification.