Covid-19 Safety

During this chaotic time, my goal is to be able to provide a safe environment for each one of my clients. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Safety is my number one priority. If you ever feel unwell, or have any COVID-19 symptoms please contact me immediately to cancel your appointment. There will be no cancellation fee. This time is not easy, but together we can create a safe and welcoming environment!


Facial coverings, and or masks will be required to be worn at all times during our session by everyone who is involved.


Students are required to wash hands and fill out the health form below. All equipment will be sanitized before and after sessions. Disfinfectant is provided.

Social Distancing

Private sessions can take place anywhere that allows the client(s) to feel safe. Whether it is a backyard, a park, or a room that has many doors and windows, we will adhere to social distancing practices. 

Health Declaration

Before attending a session, please fill out the health declaration below. By doing so, you agree to adhere to these safety measures.

A completed health declaration is required prior to attending class

Health Declaration

How are you feeling today?

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