public classes

Interested in one on one work with me?

Customize your class to your needs! I teach everything from Vinyasa/Power Yoga to Sculpt, Restorative Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork. 

Not a fan of 1 on 1, or looking to have a a semi private or group class in your own home?

Group classes max out at 10 people!

Find me all over the LA region at some of the top yoga studios in LA.

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PRIVATE CLASSES & Semi-Private classes

Vinyasa/Power Yoga

Each movement & posture is synchronized to your breath to gain strength and flexibility.


yoga Sculpt 

Toning, defining, and strengthening your body and mind by combining yoga with weights, resistant bands, and other fitness tools.



Slow down. Reset. Renew. Learn how to turn on your off switch by supporting your body to enable deep relaxation on a physical, mental, and emotional level. This class is all about the yum.​



A slow mat-based practice focused on getting into the ligaments, tendons, and joints of the body​.



Using mindfulness techniques, and yogic breathwork​ to help slow down the mind. not to turn off thoughts or feelings but learn how to observe them without judgment and attachment 


Myofascial Release

Using soft pliable tools to help release the adhesions of your soft tissues, fascia, or scar tissues. also, help bring neuroplasticity to forgotten areas of your body.​

*Clients may mix and match and personalize each class!*

class pricing

Whether you are new to yoga, working with injuries, a long time practitioner, or currently dealing with some of life’s difficulties, private and semi-private classes can help build strength, confidence, peace with-in, de-stress, reduce anxiety, and facilitate you as you take the steps to your happiest, healthiest self!

My goal for privates is to allow each individual to have a customized experience, tailored to their individual needs, that allows each client to feel safe, seen, and heard. Your health is your wealth, don’t let another day pass you by without feeling your most optimal self! Book a private today!


1 Hour Private  $100.00For longer classes, please inquire.

1 Hour Semi-Private (2-4 people)  $150.00 - For longer classes, please inquire

1 HOUR GROUP ( 5-10 PEOPLE) $200.00- For longer classes, please inquire

1 Hour ZOOM/Facetime  $45.00 


public classes

All Public Classes are with Hot8 Yoga at locations listed below.


1 pm Hot Power Fusion - Sherman Oaks Location



9 am Sculpt - Korea Town Location

5:15 pm Power 1 - Beverly Hills Location



1 pm Hot Power Fusion - Sherman Oaks Location



9 am Sculpt - Korea Town Location

5:15 Power 1 - Beverly Hills Location



10:30 am Power - Sherman Oaks Location

1 pm Hot Power Fusion - Sherman Oaks Location

7:30 pm Yin - Sherman Oaks Location

I hope to see you in one of my classes soon!


What People Say

Christine V Nguyen

This practice is healing so long as your curiosity is deep and the learnings you find are carefully applied. In Áine, you’re lucky to have a teacher deeply fascinated by the infinite complexity of the body — and as such, you’d be guided with the utmost compassion in the way you move as an individual and how that’s informed by your physical/emotional history. Áine sees you in your wholeness: your pains, resistances and strengths. Your landscape is complicated and she’ll help you navigate it well. Trust her. Áine invests in her education off the mat, constantly digesting the latest information science gifts us and applies that to her teaching — that makes up the heart of her practice. This movement can be a medicine, and Áine’s teaching is like a balm — under her guidance, you can discover a movement modality that’s both challenging and sweet.

Barak Vaughn

Gifted, Exceptional, Caring, and Phenomenal are just some of the words that can describe Aine's classes, but more importantly, they describe Aine the person.  Whether it is your first class with Aine or you are a regular in her class, you feel her guiding presence from the first moment until the last.  It is a rare soul that can make you better than you ever thought you could be, can make you believe in yourself more than you thought possible, and take you to spiritual places that you never knew existed.  That is Aine the woman, that is Aine the yoga instructor, and that is what you receive each time you are lucky to enter her world.  

marja Lankinen

Over the course of half a dozen years, I have had the honor of getting to learn from Aine’s wisdom not only through her teachings but through her example as I watched how she leads her life. There is a resonant compassion within every conversation, a depth of genuine kindness and grace inside every word. Such is the case when you share the content of your heart with a teacher and know they will hold it with incredible, tender care. She is dedicated to the physical craft - that is to say, a surgical understanding of the physical form - but it is her understanding of the intuitive, the subtle and yet profound body, that is truly remarkable. Whether you are looking for a running coach or guide to walk you through contemplative practice, Aine’s offerings are smart, strong, and sensitive - a perfect blend for anyone looking for heart-centric transformation.